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Application of light丨Shanghai Jiading Golf Villa Lighting Case Appreciation

In the Bible, God created the universe in six days, and the first day was to create light, which is the importance of visible light to us. At the beginning of the day, colorful neon clothes flow in the night, and the light and shadow flow to light up the whole city. Home should be warm and private, and when we come home, that gentle light is the source of our sense of security.

Apr 30,2024

Strength Creates Brand丨Mibang Lighting was once again awarded the "Top Ten Smart Lighting Brands"

On the afternoon of December 26, 2023, the "Exhibition of Brand Power and Industry Model - 2023 China Lighting Industry Brand Conference" was held in the ancient town of Dengdu. Many leaders of the lighting industry gathered to witness the top of the honor of the lighting industry.

Apr 30,2024

Mibang Lighting XD96 series ceiling lamp was grandly unveiled

The art of condensing time, blooming the charm of light. Mibang Lighting XD96 series ceiling lamp presents a three-dimensional beauty with a geometric plane combination, and vividly interprets the combination of space and light. This lamp not only has a minimalist line design, but also shows the spirit of ingenuity in the details. Bring a warm atmosphere to your home with soft light, while meeting your lighting needs at all angles and heights.

Apr 30,2024

Mibang Lighting won the 2021 Golden Finger Award, the Influential Brand Award and the Platinum Award for Indoor Lighting

The "Golden Finger Award" is the first comprehensive award in China's lighting industry created by China Lighting Network under the guidance of the China Lighting SocietyIt is also the first in the industry to have a lighting designer award, and it is one of the most influential and authoritative awards in the lighting industry. Since its inception in 2011, it has been successfully held for 10 sessions and has established a mature selection system. By adhering to the principle of "fairness, impartiality and openness" and transparency, relying on a strong lineup of judges and a constantly innovative evaluation system, it has laid the industry height of the Golden Finger Award. Under the guidance of experts and scholars, it has promoted its own development and realized the common progress of the lighting industry as a whole.

Jul 28,2022

Bring the sunlight home丨Mibang Lighting full-spectrum spotlight!

As the saying goes, "all things grow by the sun", sunlight has an important impact on regulating our physiological rhythm and human biology, psychology and human body. Mibang Lighting is well aware of the importance of sunlight to human body and mind, and has developed SD35409 a new full-spectrum spotlight that simulates sunlight from a people-oriented perspective.

Jan 10,2022

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