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Teachers and students from Zhuhai College of Beijing Institute of Technology visited Mibang Lighting for a visit!

On April 2, 2024, teachers and students from Zhuhai College of Beijing Institute of Technology visited the flagship store of Mibang Lighting Starlight Alliance.

Nov 12,2021

Star Bay Mansion, Fuzhou

Fuzhou Star Bay is located on the bank of Wulong River in Jinshan, Fuzhou, and is committed to creating a unique high-end American villa area in Fuzhou. Mibang lighting in the lighting design layout combined with its interior design and decoration, the perfect realization of intelligent lighting, scene, personalized, so that the villa space aesthetics multiply, highlighting the taste and texture.

Nov 12,2021

Goddess Day Special丨Women don't let their eyebrows go, and it is extraordinary to stick to ordinary things to the end

In a few words, what is revealed is Mr. Hu's unreserved love for the lighting industry and Mibang, and "persistence" has inadvertently become her key word.

Nov 12,2021

Ready to go, Mibang Lighting will go on a new journey with you!

In 2024, Mibang is still on the way forward. We will take "strengthening the foundation to meet the standard, improving quality and efficiency" as the production theme, continue to adhere to the development concept of "quality + management" two-wheel drive, plan carefully, concentrate and work hard. Use thought to lead and drive practice, and increase investment in productivity. Strive to cross one ditch after another, step by step, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.

Nov 09,2021

Guangya Exhibition

2012 Guangya Exhibition

Apr 30,2024

There is no main light lighting in the living room! Xiaobai can also install a super practical living room!

The combination of light trough + spotlight provides suitable ambient light for the space. In addition, a magnetic track is set in the middle of the living room, and the simple and smooth lines of the magnetic track and linear light strip are matched to add a touch of fashion to the space. While the cabinet lamp complements the central lighting, the horizontal and vertical linear collocation also sublimates the overall space design.

Nov 09,2021

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